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Your neighbourhood consignment store – the ULTIMATE in shopping local!

When you own a business in a small community, the topic of shopping local comes up often. Towns like Cochrane are full of people who shop local, for varying reasons.  If you ask a hundred different people why they do it, you’ll get a hundred different answers.  For some, it’s simply about convenience.  For others, it’s a deeply-held principle that guides their every action as a consumer.  Most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

I’ve seen a meme circulating around Facebook that says something to the effect of “when you support a small business, you aren’t funding a CEO’s vacation home, you are paying for a small business owner to put her daughter in dance classes, etc, etc.”.  It’s a lovely sentiment, but I hope people shop and consign at Great Things in Store for so much.  I hope our customers see how we really try to enrich the community we live in, how we work hard to provide the products they want and need, how we want to help new moms learn to use that baby carrier they just purchased, how we want to help make it more affordable to clothe a family, and on and on.  It’s a relationship that goes both ways, and we never want to lose sight of the fact that we too must support the community we live in if we expect it in return.

I stole the idea for the title of this post from the treasurer (Neil Abramson) of a resale association I belong to.  In a recent newsletter, he wrote about how consignment stores are the ultimate small businesses.  You see, not only are they owned by local businesspeople who employ locals and spend much of their profits right back in their communities, but they also source much of their inventory locally.  In the case of Great Things in Store, we’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars back to local families who’ve consigned with us, and those dollars have then gone back into our local economy.  So the next time you shop or consign with us, think about the far-reaching impacts of your decision to shop local.  Everyone wins.


Win a Skip Hop Forma Pack & Go diaper bag!

My business New Year’s resolution was to finally get this blog off the ground. May sounds like a good month to get started ;)!

On that note, I’d love to tell you about a really fun contest that we’re running right now over on the Great Things in Store Facebook page.  Skip Hop makes a line of parenting products that will not only make your life easier, but makes being a kid even more fun!  We love their diaper bags, bath toys, wooden toys, zoo backpacks and luggage, and pretty much everything they’ve ever made.

To celebrate the arrival of our spring shipment, we’re giving away this amazing diaper bag:


It’s called the Forma Pack & Go, and not only is it gorgeous, you can’t beat the practicality of this bag.  It comes loaded with two packing cubes and 11 pockets to keep everything in its place, along with a cushioned changing pad. Featuring lightweight fabric and quilted details, the water-resistant bag is perfect for anywhere the day might take you. A convenient front zip pocket holds one matching mesh packing cube and one trendy patterned insulated cube, which is perfect for bottles, sippy cups, or snacks.


Here’s how it works to enter:
1.  Head over to our Facebook page:
Near the top, you’ll see a post with three photos of the Skip Hop diaper bag.  Every “like” counts as one entry, as does every comment (one comment per photo).
2.  You can get more entries by scrolling down and finding the Skip Hop album of new arrivals.  Again, every “like” and comment counts as another entry.
3.  Don’t forget to “like” our page so that you’ll be updated about future contests!

We’ll do a random draw through on Friday evening (May 16, 2014).  Good luck, and thanks for playing!  Oh yeah, and watch for more blog posts.  I promise!



In the Beginning

It’s been nine short years since I opened Great Things in Store.  It was a five –year plan, meant to give me the means to support my 11 month-old baby until he was in school and I could go back to a “real” job.  I had visions of my child playing and sleeping peacefully in the store while I helped customers, processed consignments and made enough to support the two of us.  I will even admit that I had visions of my friends stopping by often for tea!  Somehow all those

daydreams didn’t include my son screaming as someone purchased the toy he’s been playing with for days, or trying to get him to sleep in our small kitchen while hoping customers would stay away, or the nights where I’d be at the store past midnight trying catch up on the mountain of consignments.  I think every small business owner will admit that it isn’t as easy as it looks.

Fast forward to today.  I’m now married, have three kids, six staff, and have no plans of getting a real job anytime soon.  Although, yes,  the thought of a nine to five job is really appealing some days!  I love what we’ve accomplished with Great Things in Store; it’s an important part of the lives of so many people in this town, and I’m really proud of the countless ways we’ve been able to contribute.  Whether that’s by teaching a new mom how to use a baby carrier and that it’s okay to hold your baby all day if you want to, or by holding a charity garage sale for causes close to our customer’s hearts, or simply by being that place where you can clothe your family for less, it’s been a great ride.  We’ll be here for some time, I promise!


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